Any Administrators or Moderators online

Anything to do more with the site than with the Jarvis. Feature requests, announcements, praise, moaning, etc. :)
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Re: Any Administrators or Moderators online

Postby Zunair » January 28th, 2020, 9:07 am

And no updates coming anytime soon.

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Re: Any Administrators or Moderators online

Postby StormTree89 » April 3rd, 2020, 8:16 pm

What is the difference in MKII and MKIII? I had MKII and upgraded to MKIII, but I can't tell the difference?
I was hoping MKIII would connect to weather. I was hoping MKIII had a working alarm. I was hoping MKIII had some kind of improved feature, but I do not know what that is?

I plan on learning to code, and am planning on using this as a starting point, but the wiki seems really basic, it might help with a few things; it just needs so much more. I also can't find anything useful on youtube?

I want to make LINKS less a robot to talk to and more like Jarvis. I want to have it control the lights, thermostat, shutters, and do things like alarm in the morning with weather and news updates; along with kitchen stuff like morning tea and building a shopping list in my google share file; also write down random food recipes while being created, along with start and stop timers. I would also like to have a shop version that remembers torque specks, plus can help with chemistry and engineering questions.

If you guys are online can you update some of your wiki Info so the users can get a little more advanced with our use? I just feel like I wasted $35 on an unfinished product.

Can we get some how to guides please!

Preferably, Setting up an alarm, and connecting to home wifi "smart" devises.

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Re: Any Administrators or Moderators online

Postby salmercker » April 22nd, 2020, 9:43 pm

I was wondering why there aint been no responses. Is the links project dead now? specially since no updates coming anytime soon? Would love to know more about the databases, profiles, and the scripting. I know a little coding myself. What language is it coded in? I do know the forum here needs a good facelift. Depending on which phpbb version your using, there is a nice portal you could add to it and integrate the main site directly into the forum. I started off my programming with learning html in 2 weeks then switched to phpbb and mysql. Then learned some C#, C+ and C++. Would love to delve deeper into a.i. programming, which is the whole reason i grabbed links and paid for the mark III. Because out of ALL the a.i. I have seen so far links was the best built so far. it might not have all the bells and whistles of the others but it is more stable. No i havent looked at the wiki yet.

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