Jarvis on a smart watch

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Jarvis on a smart watch

Postby Alucard » February 10th, 2018, 2:30 pm

So, i just had a fun idea for a solution, to preface the issue, i want to be able to talk to Jarvis anywhere in my house or while i'm out, i was just going to use my cell phone and send a get request while i'm out, i thought about using that microphone array you can find that connects via USB, i was just going to mount them in each room of the house and send commands to Jarvis, and depending on which array was being used is the item that would be controlled except for set commands such as telling it a specific light to turn on, but you run into some issues, noise cancellation is great but it's always listening and so you are bound to have something happen that you didn't want to, and when it controls so many devices this could be really bad

Solution, use a smart watch microphone, doesn't need to be a smart watch, but just a watch with android environment, create app, it does 2 things, waits for button to be pushed and takes whatever you say and sends it to Jarvis, i'm debating on using the android watch with the phone, or using a different OS to just handle this feature so you wouldn't need your phone, it would connect wireless while in the house and i would use the wireless router capability from the raspberry pi in my car to connect while i'm out, the raspberry pi in the car would have a stand alone command environment, it could process basic commands, like turn the car on, unlock the doors, turn on the heater, set heater to... the list goes on, Knight Rider!! LOL, man i should have spent more time on programming than networking, then again the network side of this is actually very easy, so i think a Linux version on the Watch would be best

anyone else think this would be awesome? i'm currently working on controlling the car with Jarvis while at the house, the Raspberry pi controls the car, the car is connected to my wireless while at the house, i can send shell commands from Jarvis to control the car, couple this with a garage door opener and i don't have to think about anything while i'm getting ready

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Re: Jarvis on a smart watch

Postby Zunair » February 13th, 2018, 8:31 am

yp coolz, only small percent of ppl have that kind of automation set up.

one person i know uses pushtotalk buttons in each room... n some intercom devices to send audio n recieve video.. this is one unique setup imo. plus all the watch n phone interactions with LINKS n much more...

good luck with your endeavours.

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