Conditional commands

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Conditional commands

Postby alexG » June 18th, 2019, 4:58 pm

Hi there, I'm new to LINKS but I'm loving it so far, and while playing around with the social commands system I had a thought. I'd love it if Jarvis was a little more inclined in regular conversation, this can be emulated in some fashion but the problem I'm having is the following, I can ask Jarvis how it is, program in "I'm fine", but any further reply along that conversational chain will have to be a separate command, so I could say that command at any time and get a very out of context reply.

What I would like is to have a command like "how are you?" and after the "fine thank you" response, have a few commands I could pick that can only be activated because I've just said that command, does that make sense?

I've played around with it and I don't think any feature like that exists yet but it'd be a leap towards making an AI you could have a chat with.

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Re: Conditional commands

Postby Zunair » June 18th, 2019, 9:30 pm

well well well :D
mostly doable using grxml but that's mostly scripting, and we don't have many experts in that area :p

in ui we can go as far as this... asking how are you.. then he replies fine thank you... then it asks random question after x amount of secs using task function.. and then the reply of jarviss questions would be another command... and u can keep going.

hint: you can call multiple functions with single command. use tray icon to see most of the functions, you can also type [ in response to see the list...

also... you can randomly make it ask u questions using task scheduler and links.exe in the bin folder under %appdata%\LINKS\bin\LINKS.exe [speak("so how was your day sir?; hey, how are you feeling"]


now im thinking about it further...
u ca make a yes word list
so when jarvis asks you a question, it would use a wordlist with commamd associated with the questions, and stores that command in a variable that would live for 10 seconds...
now the yes command you would have to do the magic... yes command would call a function to emulate the command stored in the variable... and voila :p

the wordlist for questions and commands would look as follows
commandNum, questionCol, commandCol
1,would you like to play some music?, play music
2,should i open your fav websites?, open fav websites

grammar: how are you jarvis?
response: very well sir, how about yourself?[callcommand( with 5 sec delay, [getwordlist column ("[ranomnumber( 1,2)], questionCol, wordlist)] [set("nextPossibleCommand", "... get answer column from wordlist.."]
so the response is basically getting a random question from wordlist and storing command in a variable.. not that ull have to set a variable for random number also so when getting question n command from wordlist u can use the same number for both columns.

lol now whoz gona decipher that =))


then u can make a no wordlist... i guess that gives you unlimited pathways :D
basically the no list would ask more questions or how ever you want based on the last question :p

then there is a yes and no conditional question function... it takes 2 commands and based one yes or no it executes...

hmmm we really need a tut for all this lolz sorry =))

u can also map commands to another wordlist which would be based on specific responses... lil more complicated =)) it concatnates the last command and adds a number to randomise the command

something like
command_num, action
play music_1, play music
play music_2, play x playlist


edit4: ... p/WordList
(thanks for reminder Elliot!) =)

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