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Postby Mordacai » December 19th, 2016, 2:32 pm

I think there's been much confusion around the world with the LINKS product. I'd like to clear that up with this post, and I hope it helps some.

First and foremost, everyone needs to know that LINKS is FREE. It's always been free. We have NEVER charged for LINKS. And it will ALWAYS BE FREE. We will NEVER charge for LINKS.

With that said, I understand that some thing that a donation to Mega Voice Command warrants some kind of promo or bonus. If the web developer has put up a promotion for donations, please ensure that you screenshot and copy those down for your own records. As far as I know there is absolutely NO extra bonus for donating to MVC. If there are, there will be a listing on the website for it.

HOWEVER, let me dismiss some myths:

-Donating does NOT give you early access to Mark III.
-Donating does NOT give you extra features in LINKS.
-Donating does NOT mean that you have paid for this program.
-LINKS works in Windows 7, 8, and 10. Not Windows XP, not Apple, and not LINUX.

Thank you. We appreciate everything you guys do for us. This developer group is funded solely by personal funds as well as by donation. Your donations help our developers make the product you enjoy better. Donations do not grant you early access or extra features, as this is a free program. We are forever blessed and grateful for the funds you have already given.

Feel free to ask me questions, but know that I'll always try to lean you in the direction of learning for yourself. So don't ask until you've done your research first please.

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