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To report and check if the error has produced an "Error Report.txt" file:
    Press Windows Key + R
    Type %appdata%\..\Roaming\LINKS\Logs and hit Enter
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*Troubleshooting Steps
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    Start App again
    Look for error again
    Uninstall the software, then reinstall it
    Look for error again
    Search the forum for similar error
    Report if error is reproducible

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Fred Dred
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Hide Grammars

Postby Fred Dred » September 28th, 2017, 8:06 am

Hi just to say I love the program. Had so much fun with it it now runs 75% of my daily usage, runs absolutely smooth
but there is one thing that has me stumped.
I have gone through everything. There is nothing in the error log, It shows up correctly in debug window.

show grammars works perfectly including changing to shell ,web,social ,key commands
but- hide grammars -has absolutely - no response at all
checked through scripts but didn't help (coding is not one of my talents unfortunately)
I am using current LINKS update
This also happens with show my customize window all work perfectly except but being able to hide it
As no one else has mentioned this in the forum am i being dumb and missed something obvious.

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