Auto Hot Key - Emulate your mouse and keys movement

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Auto Hot Key - Emulate your mouse and keys movement

Postby jimmyxrose » January 29th, 2017, 10:54 pm

Hello there! It's my first post here. I tried to search the forum for this topic or any post related to this, but haven't succeed.

So, i've been using AutoHotKey software for quite some, it's very simple and easy to use for windows to make your digital friend do all the work while you sit back and watch, anything that you can do, actually. What it does, you write a script of actions, and then by pressing the assigned keys it starts this script related to mouse/keys in your PC, something like "remote desktop", but instead of a "friend" on the other side of the network, your digital friend does it for you and a lot quicker than a human being 8-)

So, since I'm not really into coding, but i've stumbled on a thread about "pressing keys", you may combine that into commands and a various keys combination.

For example, if i want to go to youtube and search for a blogger named "someYTblogger", then play the latest video, you simply make a code for ahk, where you assign a keys combination to run a script, such as ctrl+shift+win+a+d (or whatever), then you write an action like: press win+r, write run, press enter, write chrome, press enter, wait for a while, press (something to point the address bar), write, wait for a while, point your mouse to the search bar (by coordinats on screen or on the window), type someYTblogger, wait for a while, point your mouse onto the latest video (by coordinates), press the mouse, wait for a while, point in the center of the screen, press mouse, press mouse.

then yo simply enjoy the latest video of your fav blogger (for example)

to do that, you juse simply assign the phrase like "hey, play the latest video of someYTblogger" - where the response will be to press "ctrl_shift+win+a+d", which starts the script above.

what do you think? let me know if this was useful for you :)

here's the link to AutoHotKey (which is a free software)

and here's the post with keys for jarvis

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